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Location: 22 kilometers south east of Rhodes town.
Description: The longest beach on the island and still fairly quiet, the largest part consists of gravel.
Closest village: Afandou.

Location: Faliraki light in the north eastern part of Rhodes about 14 kilometers from the capital.
Description: The beach of Faliraki is a beautiful sandy beach of about 4 kilometers and offers sunbeds, various water sports, taverns, restaurants and beach bars.
Closest village: Faliraki

Location: The beach of Kalathos can be found at a distance of 50 kilometers south-east of the capital
Description: The sand is soft and the seawater crystal pure. Sunbeds and bamboo umbrellas can be rented.
Closest village: Kalathos

Location: Kalithea is located 10 kilometers northeast of the capital.
Description: The beach of Kallithea is famous for its thermal springs. It is a small but beautiful and well protected beach surrounded by palm trees and with crystal clear water.
It is therefore the only place on Rhodes where you can dive with bottles.
Closest village: Kalithea

Location: The beach of Traganou is located 15 kilometers southeast of the capital and 4 kilometers from Faliraki
Description: The beach is stony and the sea glass clear. A small piece of the beach is organized and the rest is left in a natural state. There is a small fish tavern here
Closest village: Faliraki

Location: Tsampika is located 26 kilometers south-east of the capital
Description: This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Crystal clear water and a golden sandy beach.
There are various facilities such as water sports, restaurants and a mini-market.
Closest village: Archangelos

Location: This beautiful sand beach is located 38 kilometers south-east of Rhodes town
Description: Beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear water
Closest village: Lindos

Elli Beach
Location: The Elli beach is located in Rhodes town.
Description: This sand beach is located in Rhodes itself between the harbor mouth and the aquarium. All vacancies are present here.
Closest village: Rhodes town

Location: Ladiko is located 15 kilometers from Rhodes town on the east side, just past Falitaki.
Description: Ladiko beach is a small beach surrounded by hills and you will find a cozy tavern here.
Closest village: Afandou

Anthony Quinn beach
Location: Ladiko is located 15 kilometers from Rhodes town and is connected by a short road
Ladiko beach.
Description: The beach is surrounded by hills. This beach has become famous because part of the “Cannons of Navarone” with Anthony Quinn has been filmed here
Closest village: Afandou


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