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Somewhere in southeast Europe you find Rhodes Island, it is the fourth largest island of the Greek islands and has a surface of 1,390 square kilometers.

Rhodes has a very interesting history out of which remain many objects to be seen today.

The island is mountainous with Akramytis (823m) in the southwest, Atavyros (1,215m) in the middle and Profitis Ilias (800m) in the north.  The remaining area is not big but very green and Rhodes has many beautiful sand and stony beeches.

Rhodes has a Mediterranean climate with an average temperature around 19 degrees C. The winters are gentle and summers cool due to the constant northeast winds all summer long. The amount of sunny days lays around the 260, that’s why Rhodes is called the sun island.  Below you find a schematic of temperature change through the year.

Because of the constant wind on the west side of the island, this coast is very suitable for windsurfers. On the other hand is the sea at the east side more smooth and you find more sandy beaches on this side.

To those who want to enjoy the night life I suggest Faliraki or Rhodes town. If you are looking for piece and quiet I suggest the south side of the island, there you can enjoy Rhodos and find it like it was years back with beautiful nature and without too many tourist.

Money:  Greece has introduced the Euro, money exchange is no problem and most banks have automatic service. Time difference: It is two hours later in Greece Electricity: 220 Volt (chucko outlet!). Banks open 08.00 to 14.00 and post offices open 08.00 to 14.00.  Weekends closed.

Pubic transport: Local busses leave from mandraki harbor, they have a conductor on board who will sell you a ticket.. You can also buy a ticket to the busses at the local kiosks. time schedule (pdf)

Traffic: Would you like to drive yourself and make a tour around the island be ware of the local driving habits, they are not exactly the same as what we are used to. If you are not sure about priority better wait a little and let the other go first. Maximum speed is 80km/h and 50km/h within city limits. Safety belts are compulsory and a helmet on the bike. Rental info

Activeties: Just name it and you will find it on the Island; Bungie Jump sites and Luna park (Faliraki), bike rental, fitness clubs, aerobics, bowling, football, tennis, golf (Afandou), mini golf, casino, yacht harbour, horseback, sailing, diving, kiting, water-ski, windsurf, water park and much more. Most beaches fly the “blue flag” and you know what that means. More Info

Marketplaces: 4x a week there are markets at the following locations:

Every Wednesday: Saint Demetrius (Agios Dimitrios – Public Cemetery (Nekrotafio) area)
Every Thursday: Vyronos Street (“Diagoras” Municipal Stadium)
Every Friday: Konstantinou Ydraiou Street (Analipsis)
Every Saturday: Saint Demetrius (Agios Dimitrios – Public Cemetery (Nekrotafio) area)

Sailing . If you want to sail; yachts can be rented with or without a captain, I recommend that you make arrangements well beforehand. 

Phones: Calling to Rhodes you will start with 0030 for Greece then 22410 for Rhodes followed by the local number. Mobile phones work without a problem.

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